Clone-A-Willy- Light Skin Kit

Clone-A-Willy- Light Skin Kit

Make your own dildo kit! The original Clone-A-Willy is here. Medically tested molding gel process captures incredible, life-like detail, making this the most personalized vibrating sex toy you will ever own. Each kit contains everything you need to create an exact replica of any penis in the comfort of your own home. Many satisfied customers have made this our best selling product for over 10 years. Use the Clone-A-Willy to put the spark back in your long-distance relationship, or replicate your lover’s penis to double your pleasure and fun. The Clone-A-Willy kit makes a great romantic gift for birthdays, holidays, showers, anniversaries, and much more! Light skin tone and includes everything you need: body safe ‘light skin tone’ silicone, one bag of algae-based molding powder, molding tube and vibrating unit for additional pleasure.

Batteries Required: (1) AA

Lube Recommended: Silicone Based

Manufacturer: Clone-a-willy
  Made in USA

Material: Rubber

Clone-A-Willy- Light Skin Kit
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This is the coolest thing i have ever tried. I wasn't going to get it because of the things I have heard, that it is messy, a waste of money, and that it never works on the first try. None of which is true. It isnt messy at all, the mold mixture turns into a slippery gelatin type stuff after you mix it and easily peels off of smooth surfaces. So you really should do this in the bathroom or kitchen. It looks like rotten milk actually....and smells a bit funky...The skin mixture to make the replica is a bit sticky but also comes off with soap and water. -- Frank

I had heard a lot of really bad things about these clone a willy kits. However, I decided to try it out to see for myself. I bought it to use on my. Husband before he left for deployment. The mold turns into a gel type substance, and the skin mixture smells funny. However, it comes off the skin fairly easily. It worked out really well. The only thing I can say is to do it somewhere where you don't making a mess, and make sure you follow the instructions to a T. Don't cut any corners or you will find yourself re-doing it! -- J

This product is so fun and not messy at all. It's definitely a very intimate and fun "for play" to have with your partner. It does smell a little bit. I suggest using a clock ring to help your partner stay hard during the molding process. --

i bought this as a gag gif for my BFFs batchloret party. when she opened it up i think the whole party laughed for about 15 min straight. if your looking for any type of gag gif, and want something tasteful this is definitely the way to go. --

This product was one of the best purchases I've ever made. It is an exact model of my boyfriends member. It was like a sexy science project! Read directions twice before you do it and it will be his n your new favorite toy. --

I bought this to make a mold of my husbands penis for when he is away from home. Well, it was well worth the money and the laughter. it was so much fun doing this with him. And believe me when I say you can not do this process with a straight face. You should read the directions a few times before doing it. --

I bought this just to see how well of a mold it makes and was not dissapointed. Had fun making it, as others stated would recommend following the directions exact and also using a c ring since he will be a bit distracted helping in the creation process. Made an exact replica and has the vibrator that you insert into it as it sets so it vibrates too! My only criticisms are that they don't have an extra cap of some sort to hold the vibrator in place to make sure it goes into the mold straight...(just have to eyeball it) and the material is a little more stiff than I'd prefer, but I'm sure is necessary to get the details it provides. Other than that great fun! --

My husband is in the military, we decided that we would try to make one of these for when he isn't home. It was definitely entertaining and interesting. It worked perfectly on the first try. Not messy and the directions were easy to follow. The toy works perfectly and is almost as satisfying as having him there.. ALMOST. --

this is a great product for couples or long distant relationships clone your partners penis into a useful toy she can enjoy!!!! --

I'll let everyone in on a bedroom secret of mine... I've bought this with almost every ex and still have all their clones.. =X I love this thing. Its important to get the right angle with this thing as well as making sure you sit the vibrator directly in the middle(check on it from time to time since it can shift a little). But its just awesome. So if you want a clone of that special someone... or like to re-visit the past like me, this product is for you. --

This is super fun and easy to make. My husband thought I was crazy when I bought this but now he loves to use it on me. Would definitely recommend. --

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