Ignite Vanilla Sandalwood Massage Candle - 6 Oz.

Ignite Vanilla Sandalwood Massage Candle - 6 Oz.

Escape to paradise with this exotic scented candle. Made with skin-conditioning coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, the rich formula melts into a warm, luxurious massage oil when lit.

Glide onto your lover's skin for a sensual, smooth-as-silk massage. Massage oil candles are warm, seductive, and wonderfully emollient with a low burn temperature that won't burn the skin.

Vanilla Sandalwood is scented with creamy vanilla and exotic sandalwood.

170 g. (6 oz.)

How to Use:

Trim wick to 1/4 in before lighting. Let burn for approximately 5-10 minutes. Extinguish flame before pouring oil onto skin.


Massage oil candle.

Special Features:

Container has a convenient pour spout.

Manufacturer: Kama Sutra

Ignite Vanilla Sandalwood Massage Candle - 6 Oz.
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The kama sutra massage candle is by far my favorite of the products. I am not a big fan of messes that oils can create. Also I love that I can use this for not only just a candle but for a wonderful, warm, sweet smelling massage as well. I love that the candle is made out of soy and not wax because it doesn't feel like its burning. --

The smell is amazing. My favorite candle. I love it so much I buy it just to have it around the house. --

feels like lotion when u rub it in. it isn't hot when poured. smells amazing. ive bought a few already. --

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