Wide Strap T-back - Neon Green - One Size

Wide Strap T-back - Neon Green - One Size

Low rise wide strap t-back thong. One size fits most 90-160 lbs. Poly bag item.

Cleaning Instructions:

Hand wash with cold water. Do not bleach.

Manufacturer: Sale Items

Material: Nylon

Wide Strap T-back - Neon Green  - One Size
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Other Color Options:


Wide Strap T-back Thong - White - One Size


Wide Strap T-back Thong - Turquoise - One Size


Wide Strap T-back Thong - Red - One Size


Wide Strap T-back Thong - Neon Pink - One Size


Wide Strap T-back - Nude - One Size


Wide Strap T-back - Black - One Size

We apologize, this item is Out of Stock

Wide Strap T-back Thong - Baby Pink - One Size


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